Seethesh Rajan - Founder & CEO

Having 18 years of noteworthy experience in logistics operations, Supply chain, Freight Management, General Management, Projects, Government and Defense, Planning, and Country Management, he has impacted sizable profits, leading teams to improved performance & maintaining the highest quality standards in diverse environments.

Mr. Rajan is also meticulously skilled at dealing with Airlines, Shipping Lines, Charter Brokers, Customs agents, Freight Forwarders, Vendors, Transport Contractors, Etc.
His progressive leadership experiences have created a passion for surpassing financial & service objectives via a combination of service delivery, operating methods, renewed marketing directions.

He derives genuine pleasure from transforming high potential staff into outstanding leaders demonstrating the creativity critical to operational success.
Along with being an entrepreneurial and practical person, he is also a result-focused and a professional in participative management.

Mr. Rajan’s idea of Edenic green is driven by his passion for environment and sustainability. He is the man who believes that Sustainability is not a buzzword, but a core value.