Glass Cleaner

It is not just a glass cleaner. It can also clean all other kinds of hard surfaces like marble, granite, chrome, mirror, laminate, plastic, electronics, steel and aluminum. Just spray it, wipe the surface & watch the smudges, smears, dirt, dust, finger prints, oil strains & mild grease quickly disappear, leaving the surface sparkling clean & dry.


Edenic Green Degreaser is our flagship product that holds a Special Pride of Place in our products gallery. For a green, eco-friendly, pH neutral product, it is hard to believe the kind of power it packs into its seemingly innocuous action. It is a pleasure to watch our Edenic Green De-Greaser playfully & effortlessly removing all kinds of oil, grease, fats, nicotine, inks, blood, sugars, starch, mild dew, gums etc.

Where can you use it? This list can get incredibly crazily long!

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Where you feel the cleaning & stain removing jobs are not tough enough to warrant the use of our De-Greaser, take help from our versatile Edenic Green Multipurpose Cleaner.

Want to remove all those little stains that are spoiling the look of your lovely carpets? Pour a little of our Multi-Purpose Cleaners in your carpet cleaning machine and voila! You have a new looking, stain free, odor free carpet!